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Jun. 28th, 2017 09:50 am
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I'm forty years old today. My second birthday Since Cancer.

I've not done much about it: cakes in the office yesterday & I may get a takeaway tonight rather than cook.  I am vaguely thinking of doing Something on the weekend that includes 1st October (my arbitrarily-declared Happy Being Alive Day) but I haven't worked out what Something will be yet.  In the meantime, a good friend is holding a party on Saturday so I'm going to enjoy being part of their celebration instead of organising my own right now.

Events of note

Jun. 25th, 2017 10:04 am
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Last weekend we made a family visit to the inlaws in High Wycombe, for some low-key hanging-out time together for the cousins to play together and the adults to gossip.  It was Too Hot, but at least every train on the way home had aircon, as did the taxi.  We experimentally departed from Cambridge North, as we are roughly equidistant from the two railway stations.  Advantage: not going through the centre of Cambridge. Disadvantages: only one direct train per hour to London on the weekend, no cafe or shops (yet), slightly more expensive by taxi.  But it was worth conducting the experiment to be sure.

We all struggled with the heat this week.  This house does a good cross-breeze when such a thing is worth doing - this week that was usually from approx 9pm to 7am, so a lot of opening and closing windows and doors according to temperature and people being awake.  We acquired a standing fan to help. I did a lot of waking up about 5am to open things and then droop back on my bed waiting for the breeze to help. I think I'd be a lot less resentful of the lost sleep if I'd been able to be productive with the time, but no.

I went out to a PARTY yesterday and enjoyed catching up with people, and being introduced to Subjective Guess Who?  This is played using the standard board game set, but you can only ask questions which have no objective answer - some memorable ones from last night included "Have they ever played World of Warcraft?" and "Are they a morning person?".  The kibbitzing from the audience is the best part.

Going to the party was utterly self-indulgent given the state of my studying since the election. Today will probably not include much studying either, as plans already include: taking C to see Transformers: The Last Knight, attempting to get some sandals beforehand, getting in my weekly call to my mother before she gets on a bus to San Francisco, and making the cheating version of Tudor costume for C's class trip to Kentwell this week.

Final Blists hill pics

Jun. 24th, 2017 12:41 pm
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 Back to sunny after a glitch yesterday.

We've been down to the POW (People of Wellington) festival this morning- a fun multicultural do in the churchyard and market square. We partook of Bryony's vegan pasties which are SO good!

Any road up- 't pics!

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 Huzzah! Photobucket have finally deigned to get their $%^&! act together after being down for several hours.

So, the walk I promised you yesterday!

This is the headstock of the mine cage I posted yesterday- if that cable ever snapped, you had a lot of dead and badly injured miners on your hands:

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Madeley and Blists Hill

Jun. 22nd, 2017 12:15 pm
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 We took a bus over to Madeley yesterday. It's about six miles or so from us.

We were going to Blists Hill which is a former heavy industrial site- coal and lead mining, clay extraction and iron and steel founding and brickmaking. Classic Midlands industrial complex.

It also has the remains of railways and the Shopshire Union Canal plus an inclined plane to get canal traffic down to the River Severn.

In more recent times, it's been turned into a living history museum with buildings slated for demolition being moved in to create a late Victorian town. The date placed on the town as seen is 1900.

As we walked through Madeley to get to Blists Hill we passed the King's Barn. This is now converted to dwellings but is one of the places King Charles II hid out after the disastrous Battle of Worcester (on his way to Boscobel -you may remember I posted from there a while back)

It's a very fine example of a Tudor barn indeed!

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Last Orkney pics for 2017. Scapa Flow

Jun. 20th, 2017 08:10 pm
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 On our last day in Kirkwall, we took a walk out to Scapa Flow.

As far as British naval history goes, this is a famous place. It was once the home of the Royal Navy's main battle fleet and the battleship HMS Royal Oak still lies at the bottom, torpedoed by a U boat with the lost of most hands.

Naval divers still go down twice a year to replace her battle ensign.

It's a quiet and unwarlike place now. A beautiful place.

There was a Dutch three master, the Thalassa, tied up alongside.

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Jun. 20th, 2017 11:24 am
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 We headed back to the main island (unoriginally named Mainland) to spend the last few days of our holiday in the capital, Kirkwall, to get used to the idea of city life again!

We decided to take a walk up Wideford Hill, the highest point at this end of Mainland.

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Local walkies

Jun. 19th, 2017 04:52 pm
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 On Sunday we wandered up to Sunnycroft as the Daimler was out of wraps for its annual once a year. The old lady who owned the house left everything to the national trust- literally everything- the house is exactly as it was on the day she died even down to the contents of the drawers, shelves and cupboards. The Daimler was her car (chauffeur driven of course. It's a 1955 Daimler Regency Mk II).

A corner:

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Carding Mill Valley

Jun. 18th, 2017 10:12 am
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 This is an arm of the Long Mynd range of hills and is classic glacial scenery.

It's what is known here officially as 'an area of outstanding natural beauty' which means it gets government protection and in this case, it is in the hand of the English National Trust.

I'm not about to argue about the 'outstanding natural beauty' bit! It is truly stunning

There were kids out doing a geography field trip so I hope you don't mind the odd shot with nice looking young people in it.

I got to talking to the teachers too- always a danger for a former teacher! :o)

It made for quite  a demanding walk, but that's no bother.

Bridge! Well, you know.........

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Church Stretton

Jun. 17th, 2017 11:22 am
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 As promised, a break from Orkney and back to our own home territory.

Church Stretton is a small town about fifteen miles to the south of us and we decided it was time to head up into the Shropshire Hills for an explore.

This takes one  into A E Housman's:  'land of lost content' . The Long Mynd, Wenlock Edge and all that. It was probably my discovery of Housman's poetry in my teenage years that led to my lifelong love affair with Shropshire.

I still pinch myself regularly to realise that we now live among all this utter beauty!

We had a glorious day for a train ride up into the hills too.

They seem to love owls in Church Stretton. 

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Another day, another walk!

Jun. 15th, 2017 04:50 pm
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 I've been busy the last couple of days so no pics. Yesterday I was in Birmingham getting my hair sorted and today was a nice day, so we went out to explore the Shropshire Hills near the small town of Church Stretton about fifteen miles south of us, of which more later.

But back to Eday:

We walked a route which started us off on the same path as that up to the stone of Setter past Mill Loch, but this time we kept right on going:

Mill Loch from up the hill:

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